Our Story

Madras Made was founded quite organically by US-based moms who found themselves unable to find unique, high quality, affordable threads kids should be sporting .  

Madras Made pays homage to our family roots and the foundation of who we are.  We seek to provide high quality, simple, ethically made goods that are cultivated and produced in India, namely Madras.  As mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, we understand that women and girls are a powerful force for change.  And when we enable women and girls to earn, create and own, we are able to break the cycle of poverty.

Where possible, we seek to partner with women owned or operated factories, artisans and distributors by giving them opportunities to learn and earn.  Similarly, we hope our work will inspire our own children and show them that through hard work, skill and community outreach, we can build a more sound world for each other, our global community and our loved ones.

Co-founders Divya Reddy & Danielle Taylor

Co-founders Divya Reddy & Danielle Taylor

Divya grew up in Madras, in fact she never imagined EVER living in the U.S (now 19 years).  Fortunately for us, she married an American (Indian) doctor and now resides in San Diego with her two children and rescue pup.

Danielle, the daughter of a New York native mother and Madrasee father has found a way to forge a bond between her father’s roots and her mother’s incredible sense of style and taste.  Danielle resides in New York City with her kiwi husband and two very multicultural children.